Scuba diving in Andaman Islands means visiting all popular locations sprawling in the island such as Port Blair, Neil, and Havelock. There is also no dearth of the trainers and scuba diving institutes that are ready to teach scuba diving to the enthusiasts at a paltry fee here. Prior to jumping into the water, every participant must procure all requisite equipment such as scuba gear, mask, regulator, and wetsuit. These equipment can be easily obtained on low rent in the island.


If one prefers to travel by a ferry, North Bay Coast slumps just 20 km away from the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Island, Port Blair. Many tourists from around the globe flock to the coast to enjoy many happy hours indulging in sea walking. Whether you have done it before also or want to try it for the first time, sea walking is always fun and safe at the North Bay Coast. Unlike many other water activities, the participants also do not have to practice any sort of breathing through the mouth.


The Andaman Islands have many locations that promote snorkeling activity in galore. Snorkeling is the most convenient way to explore the underwater marine life. If you want to flock to the Andaman Islands especially to enjoy quality hours doing snorkeling, then you must visit Havelock, Andaman Water Sports Complex, Corbyn’s Cove Tourism Complex, and Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. The crystal clear water and gobs of frisky fishes are awaiting your arrival!

Jet Ski Ride / Banana Boat Ride

Andaman Water Sports Complex is a well known sports complex in India. The unique sports complex offers many adventurous water sports activities. It is located close to the Cellular Jail and Aberdeen Bazar in the north-west Port Blair. It offers all kinds of water sports facilities for comfortable and enjoyable experiences. Sail boats, para sailing, water scooters, rowing boats, kayaks, paddle boats, and water skiing facilities are available in plenty here in this complex. Outboard boat facilities make this complex dynamic afternoon.Travellers could boat up to Ross Islands from this complex ,which is really an exciting experience. A marvelous monument, built to honor the historical fight Battle of Aberdeen, fought between the Britishers and Andamanese Aboriginals in 1859 add to the beauty of this region. There is an artificial waterfall as well, which is a great attraction among the visitors. A children park and Marina Prak adjacent to this place adds to the serene environment.


Uncover the beauty of the underwater kingdom lying beneath the Andaman Sea, without getting your toes wet. We provide a luxurious window into the mesmerizing world of corals and marine life of Port Blair, from within the comfort  & safety of our international quality speedboat , this ride starts from Water Sports complex . So come glide with us over the Andaman Sea, explore, and get enchanted.

Bird Watching

Andaman & Nicobar Islands comprise of a total of 572 islands and islets, which are being covered by the dense and verdant forests. According to the statistics, the 86% of island is engulfed by the mature trees and variety of flora. These jungles allow many flowers, ferns, and orchids to mushroom and escalate, and also let the fragile avian family to come and nestle. There are many endemic birds nestled in Andaman.


Andaman Island is a great destination for Kayaking, and this specific program is an awesome experience for travellers. Now, this tour takes place at Havelock Island. The initial training begins near Havelock Island Jetty where you are made familiarized with how to use a kayak. Post your training and familiarization we begin our journey on a kayak to explore the rich diversity of the Mangroves at Havelock Island. The tour takes place for around 2.5 Hours, and the best part is that you require no prior experience of paddling. The chirping of birds during your journey along with a very nice view makes it one among the best kayak tours in India.There is one thing that we can promise is that after your experience here in the islands, you will forever fall in love with Kayaking.


The Banana shaped boats consist of a Tube. During the ride, the driver of the powered boat attempts to flip the banana boat upside-down by doing sharp turns. It’s a exciting event to be part of.The six person people mover caters for all ages, ideal for whole family enjoyment – 12 minutes on the banana is must do entertainment – we can be gentle or hang on tight for the ride of your life. Banana boat rides are safe and monitored by our experienced and professional staff. We supply life jackets that comfortably fit kids as well.This ride is available in Havelock.

Sport Fishing

Apart from variety of options available in Andaman Islands to wallow in, there is one activity that is liked by every adventurous traveler and interval vagabond. It is the sport fishing activity. Andaman & Nicobar Islands are replete with mangrove swamps and rain forests and thus ideal for saltwater angling.

Trekking Tour

Andaman has many exciting trekking trails maneuvering in the islands, and one of the most popular trekking route sprawls directly in the direction of the caves. While trekking on the route, you would be left gapping and gawking looking at undulating beauty of nature. The tropical rain forest is brimming with rich plant species such as palm trees and bamboo trees. The stream that flows in the middle of the forest can land any traveler into a lively and zippy mood. The terrains are steep and the wooden steps facilitate hassle free trekking. Once you reach the cave, you would have many reasons to feel blessed as the cave exhibits a very peaceful environment. The large cave, which is referred as the limestone cave is the most pious place for the native devotees of various guardian angels. Before you decide to commence back, you can sit here and enjoy a cheerful picnic!